Mpho popps to MC the comedy central roast of Khanyi Mbau

Roastmaster for The Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau.

Comedy Central Africa’s much anticipated Roast will air during the month of August on both Comedy Central Africa’s DStv Channel 122 &

Showmax. It is without a doubt that Khanyi and Mpho are an electrifying combination of and they will ensure that there is never a dull moment.

The duo is no stranger to working together, they have both appeared on screen together and even then there was no shortage of witty exchanges between the two. Mpho Popps is known for his stinging wit and the Queen of controversy, Khanyi Mbau, is known for her razor sharp tongue… all the ingredients that make for an epic and entertaining Roast.In an interview with ZALebs, Mpho Popps said that when he landed this gig, he was completely blown away.”It’s huge feet. I was expecting to be a panelist but to be offered the CEO of the roast, I was completely blown away. I think what makes it so sweet is that it’s a roast for Khanyi Mbau, it’s someone that I know and adore hence I am not going to hold back. But I am comfortable to go to places where no man should venture. We were both naked in the bathtub together and she had her foot on my mouth,” said Mpho.


2. What are you expecting from the roast?
“We are making history. Khanyi Mbau is the first black woman in history of the roast franchise community. I am also expecting drama, because I think the people that are going to be part of the panel are also people that have beefs with each other so I love the fact that it’s a Khanyi roast because where there is Khanyi Mbau there is controversy,” said Mpho.