Moshe Ndiki’s Dream To Become A Father Finally Comes True

Congratulations are in order for Moshe Ndiki and her surrogate mother. Mzansi has been sending their love after hearing the good news. The South African actor and media personality, Moshe Ndiki have recently taken to his social media page where he revealed that he is expecting twins.




People are probably asking themselves how come he about to become a father again. Moshe is another media personality who have always been open to his fans and followers about his sexuality. Moshe is expecting a second child, again with his surrogate mother. Moshe already have a boy who is doing primary this year. Moshe has always been open about his first child and his surrogate mother.

The comedian is all over the moon after hearing that his expecting twins this time. He has given his thanks and appreciation to his surrogate mother. He revealed in his post that her surrogate mother has given her another purpose to live for. After going through this journey, he finally revealed that it wad not easy, but he was forced to keep it secrets until he sees the scan.