More information on the passing of Nellie Tembe (AKA’s Fiance)

News broke on Sunday alleging that AKA’s fiance Nellie Tembe jumped from the 10th floor in a hotel in cape Town.

The Tembe and Forbes family released a statement confirming her passing however in a statement that was released by the two families it never stated she jumped or how she died.

When news broke a lot of people started speculating Nellie Tembe had a mental health issues.

Yesterday Maphephanda released a program of an online prayer in loving memory of Anele Tembe. The online prayer is at 6 pm to 7pm every day until the day of the funeral.

For more details please check the poster.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Guys let’s try to be kind to one another mental illness is a real issue. Don’t be the reason someone’s day got ruined because of you. We don’t know what people are going through everyday and what they are battling with. Let’s be kind to one another and being kind it doesn’t cost anything