Mohale is now struggling and selling magwinya & mpesu in the streets of Joburg

A South African hawker has become a sensation on social media, garnering widespread admiration for his impeccable sense of style while selling vegetables by the roadside. His carefully coordinated citrus-toned outfits, featuring shades of yellow, orange, and red, have captivated many.The stunning images of this well-dressed vendor were initially shared on Twitter by @Ndi_Muvenda, quickly drawing positive reactions from numerous users who appreciate his fashion sense and color coordination.


Interestingly, many fans initially thought the man in the photos was Mohale Motaung, a well-known South African media personality. At first glance, the resemblance led some to believe that Mohale had fallen from grace and was now selling vegetables to make ends meet. However, upon closer inspection, they realized it was not him. This mix-up only added to the intrigue and admiration for the stylish vendor, who has since become a beacon of inspiration for many.The man, who is known locally for his street-smart hustle, has become a beacon of inspiration for many. He stands out not just for his entrepreneurial spirit but also for his ability to turn heads with his striking outfits. As he sells vegetables, his bright and warm clothing matches perfectly with the vibrant produce he offers, creating a visually appealing and memorable image. This unique combination of style and hustle has led many to believe that he has a promising future ahead.

In response to the photos shared on Twitter, many South Africans have expressed their admiration. One Twitter user, @MtsweniPanwell, remarked, “So he decided to match up with the veggies.” Another user, @JTMarisha, commented, “He must wear a mask,” while @CellulaJnR noted, “The clean clothes and the confidence he has will take him far.” The post, which has garnered significant attention, features the caption: “Hustler of the day. Love your hustle, it’ll love you back.”

The story of this stylish vegetable vendor resonates deeply, especially in the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has left many South Africans struggling to find employment. In this challenging environment, street vending and small businesses have become viable options for many young entrepreneurs. This man’s story exemplifies the spirit of resilience and innovation, showing how one can turn a simple hustle into a source of inspiration and pride.In a similar vein, another inspiring story involves a young woman from Tshwane, who has found success selling ‘amagwinya’—also known as ‘vetkoek’ or ‘fatcakes’. The pandemic forced her to explore new ways to make a living, and her efforts have paid off remarkably.

Known on Twitter as @Jade_Billions, she recently shared her journey, stating that she started her business last Saturday and has already sold approximately 1,000 fatcakes. Her story is a testament to hard work and the support she believes she receives from her ancestors, which has enabled her to thrive despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Her Twitter post, filled with gratitude and hope, reads: “I only started selling fatcakes last week Saturday and I’ve sold approximately 1,000 units. My God is working overtime actually idlozi likhona.” This post has not only inspired her followers but also highlighted the importance of resilience and resourcefulness in times of adversity.