Minnie Dlamini showing people flames on Instagram

Minnie Dlamini has created a ruckus on social media after sharing a nude image of her, within a real sense nothing on. The presenter was just wearing a long light hairpiece that covered her reproductive organs – as it were.

Her naked picture got some blended responses from social media as many felt it was excessively uncovering, particularly for a mother and a spouse. The last time Minnie broke the web was the point at which she banded together with Brooklyn Winter to reproduce the artist’s 90’s Bootylicious hope to respect her 40th birthday celebration.

In some measure then she was totally concealed and her goods captured everyone’s attention. This time, her goods did likewise get everyone’s attention, except it was revealed, which got blended responses.Minnie Dlamini: Turning 30 and celebrating a great job | Citypress

The picture which received more than 190 000 likes on Instagram, saw a couple of negative comments from people saying it was unnecessary for her to share such.

zein_webb: “We love you, Minnie but this photo was so unnecessary…she’s seeking attention in a wrong way,” said a follower. Another one said people are praising this picture whereas it is very tasteless.

lisamagy: “A mother, a wife being naked in public…what a wife material.”

thepatiencemaps: “All in the name of trending, this is sad.”

ayestro1: “We really don’t wanna see a married woman nude Minnie, hay waze wasilinga Minnie.”

west_inkk: This z wat women do when they’re about to LEAVE their HUSBANDS.”

che_mavi: “Is this necessary though??? U beautiful, smart u name it…but this wow. But hey what can we say!!! Looks good for your husband’s eyes only just saying.”

Minnie has scored one more organization with Ipanema South Africa. In an assertion shipped off social media, Minnie said she is exceptionally eager to band together with this organization. “I’m eager to declare that I’m the essence of @ipanemasouthafrica. A brand that envelops the mid-year sea shore young lady that I genuinely feel comfortable with. Manageability and social obligation have consistently been vital to me.



“Working with a brand that is a 100% recyclable Vegetarian, focused on saving the magnificence of this planet and keeping each lady looking chic with innovation that gives us enduring solace. What more would one be able to request? It’s an ideal opportunity to possess summer.”

Talking about Minnie being a spouse, she as of late opened up with regards to marriage not being simple. Minnie and her better half Quinton Jones commended their fourth-year commemoration on 16 September. They needed to tap out various occasions yet endure those many endeavors.Minnie Dlamini Tempted To End Marriage – iHarare News

“Marriage is difficult and there are ordinarily we’ve both needed to tap out yet today’s days like that help us to remember the guarantee we made to one another.”

Minnie offered Lisl Laurie some marriage counsel when she didn’t realize if to change her last name. “So will it be Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni or Lies! Mthombeni?” she inquired. To which Minnie answered: “Do both boo Liesl Laurie Mthombeni for work? Also, lawfully change to Liesl Mthombeni. That is the thing that I did.”