Men be careful, Jesus hates it when he sees a woman cry – Prophet Bushiri gives strong warning from God

Prophet Shepherd BushiriThe most dangerous tears in the world are those of a woman! This was the warning from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, which was taken in 2018, Bushiri could be heard warning men not to make women cry.

He said men needed to be careful.

Walking to the pulpit, the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering said: “Be careful, men. The more you make your wives cry, the more complicated your life will be.Prophet Shepherd Bushiri“Jesus hates it when he sees a woman cry. These women can cry secretly without telling you.

“You’ll be at work and she’ll be texting you, ‘Oh, I miss you babe’, yet she’s in tears. She’ll act normal but she’s crying.”Bushiri said he was not giving women a licence to cry just for the fun of it.

“Some of you cry for everything,” he said.

Some women in the congregation were in tears as Bushiri continued to preach.

Speaking to Daily Sun yesterday, Bushiri’s spokesman Ephraim Nyondo said Bushiri was teaching his members how to build a successful marriage using God’s principles.

“He was emphasising why love and respect between partners produces successful marriages,” said Nyondo.

“The context of which is that we live in an age where, relatively speaking, women continue to suffer immense violence at the hands of men.“The prophet has consistently underlined that God created men with a duty to proactively protect women from violence.”

According to Nyondo, Bushiri said cases of gender-based violence could decline if men understood that protecting women was not only a moral obligation.

“The prophet believes that men should return to the fear of God,” the church spokesman told Daily Sun.

“If the fear of God returns to men, God’s love will reign supreme and men will understand that protecting our women isn’t just a moral obligation but also an act of worshipping and honouring God.

Mzansi has been hit hard by a number of gender-based violence cases recently.