Meet The Twice As Bold Twins: See Pictures

They are the reality TV stars. They are also famous for working out,these twins spend most of their time at the gym, working on their beautiful bodies to enhance their bodies. These twins are living proof that you do not need plastic surgery to have an African body.




Other than working out,they spend most of their time raising their daughters. They each have a daughter from the same father of course. The twins do not hide the fact that they want to get married to the same man,but to be that man. You must have money,you must be rich. Getting married to the same man is something they always talk about. So basically these twins are one person,just different bodies.

They had a man,but apparently they called it quits. The relationship did not work and if you want to know the reason why they broke up, I guess you have to watch their reality show on Mzansi Magic to find out more about these twins.

Thank you here are their pictures below.