Meet The Top Lawyer Defending AKA’s Murder Suspects

According to reports, the suspects that have been arrested by the South African Police Service (SAPS) for their alleged involvement in the murder of popular South African rapper and music producer AKA were released last night (Wednesday 29 March), it is reported that the suspects were released after they hired a top South African lawyer named advocate Annelene van den Heever to represent them.




According to reports, Annelene van den Heever is a very top and respected lawyer in the country, it is reported that Annelene van den Heever has reportedly won many high profile cases and successfully represented many high profile clients in South Africa, and it is also reported that Annelene van den Heever is the reason why the 3 suspects who were allegedly involved in AKA’s death were released last night…

“We have now made a statement to them to say that they must bring them to court, charge them, and we will deal with that, the fact that they are in custody after 48 hours of not going to court is a violation of their rights” – Said Annelene van den Heever.