Meet the first man to eat at his own “funeral”.

“The meet there first person to trend,” has taken social media by storm as people have been sharing different types of memes that were taken from images of the past and related them to our current events e.g “Meet the first lady to accept money for transport from her boyfriend and not show up.” or “Meet the first black man to give a woman money.”





If you remember last year Pastor Alph Lukau the South African based prophet had “resurrected” a dead man who was identified to be Elliot Moyo who sadly really died two months later back at his home in Zimbabwe on April 3rd by vormiting blood. Two people have been arrested in connection to his scam at Pastor Lukau Alleluia Ministries Church. His real name was revealed by his family to be Thabiso Proud Mlanje and the cause of his death was food poisoning.

His video surfaced online where a man who had apperantly been dead for a couple of days was brought back to life by the prophet when the man got up he could be seen shaking and sitting in the front row and started eating to prove he is really alive, this caused a lot of anger and tons of people threathened to take legal action against the church.

The picture has now resurfaced online thanks to the memes thus making him the first man to eat at his “funeral”.