Meet the 22 year Old Girl Deep In Love And Pregnant For 88 year Old Man Of 7 children.

Chibalonza is 22 years antique, however her coronary heart fell in love with a person antique sufficient to be her grandfather; 88-12 months-antique Kasher Alphonse. Chibalonza and Alphonse were collectively for 2 years and they may be looking ahead to a child.


The guy instructed Afrimax English that the 2 love and apprehend every different no matter the sixty six-12 months age difference. Alphonse’s first spouse died 2 years in the past According to the fanatics who’ve been collectively for 2 years, they fell in love with every different’s hearts and now no longer ages.

Alphonse were given married to his first spouse in 1954 whilst he became 24 years antique and went beforehand to have seven kids with her. After numerous a long time of being collectively, his first spouse died of antique age, leaving the octogenarian heartbroken and lonely as his kids had grown up and left the domestic.

Given his superior age, Alphonse struggled to do maximum of the matters for himself, so he sought a person who might provide the much-wanted help. Not but formally married He became fortunate to fulfill Chibalonza, who became two decades antique with the aid of using then however prepared and inclined to end up his spouse. “We aren’t formally married however I’ve carried out a conventional wedding ceremony with her. I even took a crate of beer and a stay goat to her family,” he said.


The octogenarian disclosed that he does now no longer recognise how his kids will deal with their stepmother if he dies, however he isn’t always concerned approximately it. His best remorse is that he does now no longer have cash to shop for a plot somewhere else in order that his younger spouse could have a stable domestic farfar from the primary family.

Chibalonza is expectant Alphonse plans to maintain a right bridal ceremony after his bride, who’s presently pregnant, offers birth. Many folks who recognise approximately the association locate it bizarre due to the fact all of Alphonse’s kids are older than their step-mother, together along with his firstborn elderly sixty six years even as his final born is at 50.

Alphonse can also additionally appearance frail and terrible now, however he says he became doing properly financially in his good day days or even ran a wholesale shop in which he bought beer. However, the commercial enterprise closed after a chain of robberies that depleted his shares and made it not possible to live afloat.