Master KG living his best life in Spain, but his outfit got people talking.

have nothing to say just want to show you all his outfit, what do you think? I love it, its beautiful

A safe can always wear your mask Glorious Day in Spain diet and like advice on how to lose weight if you got your wedding coming up and let me tell you I do have a lot of stay safe and always wear your mask while you stay in Spain.

Enjoy your life my brother. Explore the world. I will join you soon in Madrid. We will meet Messi in Barcelona too🤗. One of the benefits of having a passport. You can easily explore the world and not stuck in just one place 😃

I wonder when u going to sit at ur own place an enjoy a meal with ur family,coz u always on the way ,🤷

You sure will go places, remember the God who lifted you and sing His praise to world… Amen.

I was listening to your music yesterday 💣my neighbour’s then called the police,when the police arrived they got arrested 🤞then I said wanitwa mos

Haaa Master kg your lying a saw you yesterday in sandton and now your in Spain😀