Mapula From Rhythm City To Weight Gain Journey, Also Taking Care Of Her Mental Health

Mapula has been in the entertainment industry for many years now and she has survived the social media bullies and real life bullies, she is the kind of a person who is short and has a small body, petite to be exact, this emotionally has grown to bother her somehow more especially when people were now starting to make her aware of the fact as if she was not aware at all.

She is an actress on the soon to be history daily soapy drama of Rhythm city will will have its ending sometime this year by June or July, she has recently started training and wants to transform her body, joining gym was one of the most effective ways for her to gain some body gains, exercise is healthy for both mind and body, exercise may help one to deal with depression or just stress, exercise is one of the most ignored coping mechanism that effectively work s every time.

People have had guts to tell her to eat or to gain a lil bit of weight, people have become insensitive towards her and she has proved to be coping a lot better with what people are saying towards her, we must say, the gains of exercising are showing and she is really doing herself a good favor by embarking or this journey.

It seems as if mental health has been an issue for many people and Mapula is one of the people who are battling such life just like the rest of us, it seems as if her stress was showing off through her body as she was drastically losing weight and that became a concern to her, no amount of money can ever make you feel better when you are stressed or depressed, it all depends on how we handle situation and how we want to rise from them.