Manoko Magdeline The 23-year-old was recently admitted as a high court attorney and is a whole Master of Laws candidate.

People who deserves Vali Vali this Month, this one have a right to say Indoda must! The rest please open book’s leave other things that you dont knowI love graduation season! I enjoy watching people share their graduation pictures and their stories.
It’s giving “Black Child it’s possible”
It’s giving “Breaking generational curses”
It’s giving “Dreams delayed are not dreams denied”
It’s giving “Our ancestors’ wildest dreams”
It’s inspiring, it’s comforting and it is assuring that it is possible for us all.






Keep sharing those graduation posts with us. We love themLaw School? Completed
Board Exams? Passed! 📚
Oath? Taken! 🤝🏾
Admitted? Attorney!!!!! 👩🏼‍⚖️
Titi?? Pote!! 🤌🏾