Manana and Sido walk out! Could this be the real reason why? ‘MinaNaweHouse’

The ‘star’ couple that has agreed not to talk about Agreement.

That’s a pun right there people, so this duo stormed out of the house and we’re triggered and defensive with Somizi asked what they thought were proactive questions.

The cold hard truth or maybe not.

Somizi even went on to ask Mpho is he can be the side chick, this was hilarious but maybe the attention hog that Sido is, felt annoyed by someone else being the center of attention instead of him.

Manana and Sido simply proved everyone right last night when they pulled a diva moment by walking out if the the finale last night. The couple seems to have not been keen of Somizi’s questions and tone with them.

It was sour from the beginning don’t you think? Somizi did take quiet a liking to Mpho, Makgabo’s man. Somizi kept telling Jim’s how cute he is, with his dimple and how he was flirting with him.

Why did they walk out? Apparently Agreement wants to sue them because they mentioned her name on air, they claim that they were even threatened with a lawsuit.

Could this be it or are they just in denial?


I’m sure everyone was like, and there goes the puppet leaving,because I did. Grace was asked about her cheating and reasons behind it, although I did not like the fact that Bheki was not asked the sane question.

She responded and even laughed, maybe we just aren’t the same.