Skomota pictured with his manager after he revealed that he receives R1K after gigs from his manager

Skomota says Moruti Wa Dikota gives him R1000 after gigs and sometimes it does not come in full.Skomota’s charge rate is allegedly R35 000. But such money goes into Moruti Wa Dikota’s accounts.

Skomota also says he has a wife and they are expecting.In the whirlwind world of entertainment, tales of financial discrepancies and unfulfilled promises often lurk behind the glamourous façade. Skomota, a performer whose artistry has captivated audiences, finds himself entangled in a web of financial ambiguity with Moruti Wa Dikota, his supposed ben




According to Skomota, Moruti Wa Dikota, presumably a figure of influence in the industry, pledges to compensate him with R1000 following each gig. However, this compensation is not always fulfilled in its entirety, leaving Skomota grappling with financial uncertainty. The inconsistency in payment paints a concerning picture, raising questions about Moruti Wa Dikota’s integrity and the financial stability of their arrangement.What adds another layer of complexity to this narrative is Skomota’s alleged charge rate of R35,000 per performance. This stark contrast between the promised compensation and the purported earnings amplifies the disparity, leaving Skomota shortchanged and disillusioned with the arrangements made with Moruti Wa Dikota. The redirection of such substantial sums into Moruti Wa Dikota’s accounts further exacerbates the opacity surrounding the financial dealings between the two parties.

Beyond the professional realm, Skomota’s personal life is also affected by these financial uncertainties. He reveals that he has a wife, and they are expecting a child. The impending arrival of a newborn magnifies the significance of financial stability, thrusting Skomota into a state of heightened concern and responsibility. The unreliability of his earnings from performances, coupled with the impending responsibilities of fatherhood, casts a shadow of apprehension over his future.Skomota’s plight underscores broader issues prevalent in the entertainment industry, where artists often find themselves at the mercy of unscrupulous figures wielding power and influence. The asymmetrical power dynamics inherent in such relationships leave artists vulnerable to exploitation and financial manipulation, perpetuating a cycle of uncertainty and disenchantment.

As Skomota navigates the complexities of his professional and personal life, his story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of transparency, fairness, and accountability in the entertainment industry. It calls for greater safeguards to protect artists’ rights and ensure equitable compensation for their talents. Only through concerted efforts to address these systemic issues can the industry truly thrive, fostering an environment where artists like Skomota can pursue their craft with dignity and financial security.Skomota should get a professional artist manager and pay him well, he will thank me later.

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