Makhadzi owns SARS over R6 million

Makhadzi is reportedly owing the South African Revenue Services (SARS) over R6 million. The star owns numerous assets, which include houses and cars. According to Zimoja, a source revealed that the singer’s former manager and record label, Open Mic Productions is to be blamed for the debt. “She worked with two managers. Both these management companies failed to assist her with filing her taxes. This has caused a heavy backlog for the singer,” the insider says.“When she joined Open Mic, she was already owing, and the debt accumulated. bShe cannot afford to have those taken away from her. So, she will fix it. Makhadzi’s manager Lucky Tshilimandila confirmed that the singer is in debt. Yes, we acknowledge the debt. It goes back to 2016. Makhadzi currently has an arrangement with SARS.“With that, we want to make sure that we do everything according to the book. We went out and got new accountants to deal directly with the issue. The same way we got a legal team to take care of all paperwork and legalities. Makhadzi is learning. We can put the blame on her when she doesn’t give a great performance on stage but we can’t blame her for accounting issues and tax matters.” Lucky says.