Makhadzi has moved on From Master kg. See the tweets

South African singer Makazi has stepped away from Master KG to attack social media influencer Mr. Smeg.

single Makhadzi

Makhadzi and her longtime boyfriend, Master KG, broke up in January. The Jerusalem hitmakers announced their split on Facebook, but said they will continue to work together and remain friends.

Makazi initially denied that the two singers had broken up, she claimed Makazi made a typo, she later confirmed that they had in fact gone their separate ways. She also posted screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation on Instagram to confront him about cheating.

Makazi is now back on her streets in search of her new love, and she has taken over her hunt.

Yesterday, on Mzansi’s social media his influencer Mr Smeg posted a nice photo of him wearing his blue suit from the smart designer while standing in front of his Mercedes Benz. Posted.

Makazi crushed by Mr. Smeg