Makhadzi gets hooked and stuck mid-air during live show

27-year-old MaGear hitmaker, Makhadzi is known for her energetic stage performances. Her recent performance at the Royal Heritage Festival this past weekend had her defying gravity as she was suspended from a cable during her grand entrance at the Royal Gardens in Nandoni Dam. She wore a yellow flowy masterpiece and hung from the rooftop and almost resembled a big yellow bird soaring above the large audience.







However, mid-show, the harness tied to Makhadzi seemed to have gotten tangled between the lights, causing her to be stuck above the crowd with no one able to reach her. After some time, she managed to get back down to ground level and continued her performance on the stage.

The awkward hiccup lasted just a few seconds in what almost felt like a lifetime. According to Phalaphala FM, this year, the Royal Heritage Fest returned for the first time in four years. At their last festival in 2019, 25 000 people came to enjoy the music and lifestyle event. After seeing Makhadzi in the video, netizens rushed to the comment section with their opinions regarding her recent stunt.

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♬ original sound – Godfather“Crew member is not making sure… It’s like he is waiting to catch her when she falls😂😂😂,
“ @ThingaSalaam commented.

“Very dangerous stunt even the crewman was not making sure,” Vumbhoni replied.

“Is it true that she still hanging there? 😳,” @SemaneRsa replied.

“Everyone was holding their breath until she landed,” @Thambu Junior Nangambi commented.