Lunathi Mampofu and her boyfriend leave their fans gushing over them with recent pictures.

Our favourite celebrities always show us that they are human by their relationships. Although we think with them it is even worse. We always hear people saying that the world is small. Celebrities makes us believe this by now they always date each other’s ex partners.




Lunathi Mampofu is a talented actress and mode. One of the best that we have in the country. Lunathi can act out any role given to her. She makes sure to perfect it. She’s been in the industry for many years now. She’s starred on The River, Unmarried and others. Her of Emma has exposed her skills for much. She’s also working with Levi’s.

The actress has been seen around with musician Bo Maq. She shared a cute picture of them all loved and looking cute. Bo Maq is the ex boyfriend of actress Natasha Thahane. It seems the singer has an eye for actresses. Him and Lunathi look amazing together and may God blessed their union.