Lufuno’s Funeral: Farewell Mavhunga

Mourners gathered in an emotional affair as. The send Lufuno to final resting place in her home village in Tshirenzheni near Siloam hospital in Nzhelele Limpopo.

Lufuno’s life was abruptly lost when she took an overdose of pills on Monday the 12th of April 2021 after she was a victim of bullying at Mbilwi High school where she was doing grade 10.where she was beaten up by fellow learner who was later arrested on Thursday and made a brief appearance at the Ṱhohoyanḓou Magistrate’s Court where her case was postponed until Tuesday the 20th.He death touched many South Africans and they were all united behind the Mavhunga family in support of their loss.

The 15-year-old from Mbilwi Secondary School learner, in Limpopo, who committed suicide after being bullied by a fellow learner outside the school premises on Monday is being laid to rest on Saturday morning.

People take bullying for granted, parents must act decisively and directly when your kids tells you about being bullied regardless of the motive. Children are being bullied and have no one to confide to because parents have not created a conducive environment, gone are the days when parents were commanding respect through fear.