Look What Mzansi Have Spotted At A Picture Of Julius Malema & Kenny Kunene

The EFF Julius Malema and Kenny Kunene left mzansi talking in social media after their older picture were revealed on Twitter. Mzansi is refusing to believe the beef between the two politicians. One of Twitter user named @Patricia_Bantom have taken to social media page where she refused to believe that Julius Malema and Kenny Kunene are enemies.

With caption: “In politics, there is no permanent friend and permanent enemy. The issues of Kenny Kunene and Julius Malema don’t intervene. You will be left at the middle”, she writes.




Apparently Kunene and Malema were once friends. In the picture which was share in twitter, we see Kenny Kunene and Julius Malema having a good time. Kenny Kunene was seen in a picture holding each others hands while Kunene was carrying a bottle of champagne.

Apparently, Julius Malema has won the case over Kenny Kunene. This come after the Johannesburg High Court has ruled that the comments made by the Deputy President of the @VotePA_SA Alliance, Kenny Kunene to EFF leader, Julius Malema were hateful and dehumanising. Last year 2022 Kunene was heard calling EFF leader’s Julius Malema a cockroach.

The Deputy President of the Patriotic Alliance, Kenny Kunene still want to make an appeal even after he lost the battle. Kunene said he will appeal the Johannesburg High court judgement that found him guilty of hate speech. Kunene says the judgement handed down was wrong.

According to one of the source, their beef started when Kunene left the EFF party to join Patriotic Alliance.