Look at what Lufuno’s family had to say after she decided to take her life

Lufuno Mavhunga, a student from Mbilwi High School in Limpopo, commited suicide after a video went viral of her being bullied and beaten at school yesterday, 12/04/21. In the video you can see her trying to shield herself, not fighting back, while the girl beats and slaps her.

Lufuno was a dark skinned girl,rocked her natural beauty in confidence and she was full of life,you could see she had a bright future ahead of her until her school mates decided to humiliate her.

She left a very heart breaking voice note saying,” thank you for humiliate me even though I don’t know what I wrong did I do to you I just that u will be happy now that I’m dead and I hope u will be educated and fulfil the dreams I had for my mother because I wanted them be better like you”.

The girl who bullied Lufuno later on apologized to Lufuno for what she did to her but it was already too late.Those who were cheering while Lufuno was being bullied are now protesting against violence,why didn’t they stood up for Lufuno while she was bullied instead taking videos and cheering for the bully I guess someone has to die first so that people can realise that bullying is wrong and it can trigger a person to take their own life.

Lufuno’s sister made a video clip on twitter asking for donations so that they can bury her sister since their parents are not working.