Limpopo : SABC Livhu Took His Wife Mia Muofhe Out For Lunch See Here

For SABC Livhu to work with mia muofhe is a good initiative that he was supposed to do before involving himself in helping people such as the one that he was helping before because you cannot exclude that type of a woman and be involved in helping women.




once you do that you will have big problem because there’s nothing that you can do about it because that’s the nature of things many people were concerned about how SABC Livhu was Doing not to say helping is wrong but to not include mia muofhe.

Another good thing that SABC LIVHU is doing is to inform the municipality about sewage system because we don’t have an advanced system which can detect where the is sewage bust in venda.

we need people who are committed who will be the workers of society like SABC LIVHU.

because if you can check all the rivers that are from here there water flow straight to the dam and from the dam to our home sometime without proper cleaning and this can breed diseases that will affect us and also cause the government money because at the end of the day we’ll have to go to clinic.