Lehasa Will Buy Pretty A Car And Mantuli Will Accept Lehasa – Opinion

skeemsaam has being on our titles for so long now considering Lehasa and Pretty’s storyline. Lehasa and Pretty advancement fundamentally to where they are at present. Pretty has defied more moves everytime when she endeavors to take her relationship with Lehasa serious.

From how Lehasa Maphosa used to get her him requiring nobody with the exception of Pretty. Seeing him expecting to convey Khwezikazi who’s Pretty’s forceful message in jail left the # skeemsaam fans perplexed accepting that he thinks frequently less about Pretty’s life. He knew unequivocally that he really wants nobody with the exception of Pretty, him liberating Khwezikazi from jail he was basically endeavoring to protect his in private snippets of data from Peterson.

That is the very thing that everyone’s longing is ‘ may Khwezikazi be caught and Prehasa get hitched’ which is Lehasa’s thought too to marry Pretty since he is even convey the Maphosa Junior in her stomach.




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