Lehasa Wants To Name Her Daughter Zandile-Will Khwezi Approve It ?

Francois inquired about Lehasa’s desire to preserve his late wife’s legacy, and Lehasa responded that he had not considered a name for their child. He quickly recalled that they could name her Zandile—Zandile was Lehasa’s late wife, who had died of cancer and was a really good woman to him. He knew they could call her that.

Francois was the only person Lehasa told about the name, and he hasn’t told Khwezi yet. Lehasa will not get Khwezi’s approval to name their daughter after his deceased wife. Lehasa will love her daughter Zandile as much as he loved his late wife. Zandile is a lovely name.


Because Khwezi is aware that she has just won the lottery by having a child with Lehasa, she might come up with something entirely different. Lehasa wanted a boy to carry on his legacy, so Khwezi didn’t tell him they were expecting a girl.


There is nothing wrong with naming a child after another loved one ,however lehasa must just agree with khwezi about this before he can even decide on the name yet.