Lebohang Mthunzi on her husband’s role on Smoke and Mirrors.

In a recent interview, Lebohang Mthunzi, the spouse of actor JT Medupe, opened up about her feelings regarding her husband’s portrayal of Leeroy, a gay character on the popular television series Smoke and Mirrors. Mthunzi expressed discomfort with Medupe’s role and questioned whether he should consider changing his character or leaving the show altogether.



Speaking candidly about her husband’s role, Mthunzi admitted that she doesn’t enjoy seeing him portray a gay character on screen. She revealed that watching Medupe immerse himself in the role has been challenging for her, sparking feelings of unease and discomfort

“As his wife, it’s difficult for me to watch him play a gay character,” Mthunzi explained. “I understand that it’s part of his job as an actor, but it’s still uncomfortable for me to see him in that role.”Mthunzi went on to express her concerns about the impact of Medupe’s character on their personal and professional lives. She questioned whether it was possible for Medupe to change his role or consider leaving the show in order to alleviate her discomfort and preserve their relationship.“I wonder if there’s a possibility for JT to explore different roles or perhaps exit the show,” Mthunzi said. “It’s important for us to consider the impact of his portrayal on our family and our future.”

The candid interview sparked a conversation among fans and viewers of “Smoke and Mirrors”, with many expressing support for Mthunzi’s perspective while also acknowledging the complexities of Medupe’s role as an actor. Some fans urged Mthunzi to prioritize her comfort and well-being, while others highlighted the importance of artistic freedom and representation in the entertainment industry.

As discussions continue, Mthunzi’s concerns shed light on the challenges faced by actors and their loved ones when navigating sensitive or controversial roles. While Medupe’s portrayal of Leeroy has earned acclaim from audiences, Mthunzi’s perspective serves as a reminder of the personal sacrifices and considerations that accompany an actor’s craft.