Lasizwe in trouble with his Family for spilling secrets

Some of his family members aren’t too happy about seeing family business aired out on MTV. In most cultures indigenous to the African continent, everything that happens within a family is only supposed to be known by members of that family and nobody else.

So, it’s easy to understand why reality star Lasizwe Dambuza would find himself in hot water for “spilling” family secrets on national television with his MTV reality show ‘Lasizwe: Fake It Til You Make It.’

I wanna give South Africa something different. 90% of South African reality shows they have some realness to it but I don’t think they have this kinda real that I get into detail with which gets me in so much trouble with my family,” says Lasizwe in an interview with the Citizen.

“You know my family will be like ‘Yoh! You’re exposing family secrets, yoh! You’re showing things on TV!’ But for me, it’s not about exposing family secrets or showing things on TV,” he adds.