Lasizwe Gets Dragged Over Mourning Again Baby boy had us breathing through the wound.

The biggest drag that people on social media dragged him for was the choice of images he decided to share on his timelines. In all the images that Lasizwe managed to decide need to go onto the socials, he is on the verge of crying, already crying or has allegedly save a tear on his cheek for the camera. People went in on the images suggesting that Lasizwe had specifically told the cameraman, Koena Siyotula, to snap only when he sees tears.

The second came as result of his outfit and styling choices. All the siblings had opted to dress in white to be clearly distinguished amongst the rest of the mourners. Lasizwe opted for a “custom made” suit by go-to designer, Ryan Keys. Lasizwe is already known for questionable outfit choice. However, what confused many was how could he copy-and-paste and outfit by Billy Porter and think that it is not going to make headlines. Another aspect of the outfit that many gave the side-eye was the shoe choice.