Lamiez Holworthy’s heart-moving tribute to Ditebogo Junior Phalan

Popular Mzansi DJ, and media personality, Lamiez Holworthy gave an emotional speech at Ditebogo Junior Phalane’s funeral.

Lamiez, who pledged to pay for the tombstone, could not hold back her tears when she took the podium, saying she felt compelled to speak on issues in her country, especially as a celebrity hailing from Pretoria.




As a community what are we doing to empower each other. What are we doing to stop the crime? I am tired of talking because that is not enough. May this child’s death not be in vain. May this be the answer that you needed to stand up and fight, not only for your country but for your community. As a new mother I’m always scared when I look at my child,” she said.

“As a woman the fact that I could be raped, I could be killed any day, is scary. But having to look at my child and know that an animal can kill him for what is mine is not right. I urge you as black people, can we bring back our pride in ourselves and each other. Can we stop turning a blind eye to the injustices that happen in front of us. Can we stop celebrating thieves calling them ‘Lepara’.

Ditebogo Phalane

“May this be the end. I don’t know about you but I’m tired. I cannot raise my child while things are like this. We will make sure that Ditebogo gets justice.”