#LadyDu|Piano artist is in trouble again with her followers after calling Nadia her friend

Lady Du has not been enjoying her good time on social media because she always gets dragged into a drama that causes a lot more f her fans to fight with her, where they make hectic comments about how she likes attention and dragged herself on the things that she could have avoided.

This comes after she posted comments during Nadia’s birthday where she said it’s her bestie and people didn’t waste any time but continued warning her, about how she could have been called on this because AKA has already wished his girlfriend that message on her special day.


Not so long after Lady Du was having tough moments with her family she got into a huge disagreement with her father, who claims that she has spent his money to raise this woman after Du said that she was struggling a lot when she was growing up.

But her father denies everything that she said which turn into being a huge mockery for her because people didn’t think that she could get into a serious fight, with the man that has given birth and now she could have honored him by allowing him to express his emotions.

Some of his fans started to say that they have given up on defending her because she is always a using drama when she sees something happening, and she was been advised by them before because she liked to announce the death of any artist in this country before anyone does.