Kwesta sends sweet gratitude note after successful listening session of forthcoming single

Kwesta says he doesn’t do listening session of his songs, but he had to do it this time around, and his sent a sweet gratitude note to everyone who made it a success.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper said: “The first thing I said was “I don’t do this shit”

Later, he explained why, expressing himself fully.

“What I didn’t realise is that it wasn’t necessarily about me. I mean, I’m a result of many human collisions, many deliberate efforts to win and many to see the opposite happen. The acceptance of the fact that Kwesta is not made by just his own efforts fills me with immense gratitude. A gratitude that begins with those who fcked with my shit as a 17 old kid and stretches to those who put themselves 2nd to help make me King.”

“Those who my relationships with may need a toolbox but we’ve done so much progressive shit that being handymen, even for our own good, is now “beneath” us. It goes to those I miss and those who can’t fathom the thought of not standing by me. Those who always come through, those who always plan to and those who have neglected to. I don’t know too many things but I know Love, I know Hate and I know indifference – What I felt on the 2nd of April was Love. I know because it had been a while…”

Thank you to all who made it happen… I owe you LOVE.