Kwesta & His Wife Yolanda Celebrate 12-year Anniversary

Hip hop singer “Kwesta” celebrates 12th wedding anniversary with her lovely wife “Yolanda” earlier on this week.

“Kwesta’s” wife “Yolanda” has taken to her social media account account to announce that on this day 12 years ago she met the man whom she calls her husband.






The two are so excited to be celebrating such a huge milestone. “Kwesta” and “Yolanda” are one of “mzansi’s” favorite couple. The two symbolize the true meaning of true love. We have seen many young couple struggling to seat and settle in a wedding, but the two are setting a good example.

They indicated that they do have ups and downs on their marriage but what matters is what they commited themselves to, their wedding vows bound them they indicated.

As she is known for not being a woman of many words, “Yolanda” on her post just captioned “12 years With you”.

People of “mzansi” and their followers congratulated them on their 12 years anniversary and wished them well on their future and marriage.

“Kwesta” on the other hand celebrated their anniversary by appreciating his wife and indicating how much she means to him, and how grateful he is for being with him for all those years.