Kim Jayde returns to Zimbabwea to celebrate Easter

The star was born and brought up in Harare, Zimbabwe but decided to pursue her career in South Africa.

One thing about Kim is that she has been dominating her talents in the entertainment industry for years and many of her fans are proud of her and the fact she is not from SA is an added advantage.

However, Kim came to South Africa in 2009 after she completed her high school in 2008.

The presenter came to pursue her tertiary education where she attained an Honours Degree in Social Work at the University of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

Well, thereafter, she saw South Africa as her own country and where she can show off her talents.

In her recent posts, Kim shared that she is in her hometown stating how happy she is to be back home.

Although she did not mention if she will be staying for long but from the look of things, she is just excited to be back to celebrate with her family.

Taking to Instagram, Kim shared shared pictures she has taken.

See below: