Khumo from Muvhango, reveals her thoughts on playing the villainous character.

Muvhango fans were excited to meet Khumo Motsamai, who is like the female version of Tenda on the show. The actress made her debut entrance by showing that she was a villain not to be messed with and on a path of vengeance. Despite being a relatively new face on the Television screens, the actress is a fast-rising star who rubs shoulders with the rich and famous. Seneo Mabengano’s expensive lifestyle offscreen impresses fans.





Seneo as Khumo Motsamai in Muvhango
Mabengano debuted her role as Khumo by visiting the prison where she will kill Moipone, who is James’ mother. This is because of a mysterious altercation that Moipone had with Khumo’s mother, and when she told Khumo that she had not shared the story with anyone else, she got killed as, according to Khumo, she was a loose end. James is later called by the prison authorities to confirm that it is his mother who has died.On the other hand, Khumo has her board which people’s pictures, where she goes and crosses out Moipone. The show fans are excited to see what drama Khumo brings to their screens and what her deal and storyline are. Some say this female villain is what the show needs after a long time of showing storylines that people thought were boring.Mabengano has been in the spotlight since 2015, but in Botswana, where she comes from. She is a beauty queen; she won the Miss Botswana title in 2015 and had her reign till 2016. With her crown brought many benefits as she got all the perks of being a reigning Miss Botswana.

Seneo got to travel the world in her duties as the reigning queen that year and even competed on an International stage of the Miss Universe pageant. After her reign, Seneo’s globe-trotting did not stop there as she added other wings to her career in the spotlight. She started focusing on the television side and has since gotten residency in South Africa, Botswana and Malawi.The actress is a big fan of cars; as such, she has quite a few that she owns and shows off on her Instagram page. It’s only fair that with several years of being a beauty queen, she has already spoiled herself with several rides. She has a Toyota that is red in colour and a cute Golf car. On top of that, she also owns a vintage car.