K Naomi gives her fans a glimpse of her birthday celebration in Spain with her husband.

Some people are just destined for greatness. We might think that it has to do with a prayer that made but that’s not always the case. In life we go through the worst before we enjoy life, in some cases we have a great life and then suffer later. It is entirely up to God how our lives turns out.







K Naomi is a television presenter and model. One of the most beautiful and humble celebrities in the country. She recently had a beautiful wedding ceremony when she got married to her baby daddy. She’s been more happier ever since.

The television presenter turned 31 days back and she went to enjoy her birthday in Spain. Talk about a soft life, it is definitely what she’s living. She shared beautiful pictures of herself in a pink dress enjoying the sunny whether that side. Her industry friends and fans complemented on her on the beautiful pictures.