’John Vuli Gate’ challenge takes social media by storm

CAPE TOWN, October 21 (ANA) – South Africans are having a ball on social media with the newly emerged “John Vuli Gate” challenge by creating videos of themselves dancing to the song by Mapara A Jazz featuring Ntosh Gazi and Colano.

Because of the lockdown where people were forced to stay indoors,people used Social media so that they cannot get bored and started many challenges that were very entertaining and made a lot of people to participate on them.the challenges were indeed fun to do and Some of our own celebrities even participate in this challenges.

The new challenge which has been trending on Social media is the John vuli gate challenge and it is fun,Check the photo from the challenge.It has its own way of bringing people around the world together.people love it because they can do whatever that they want to do on it.many celebrities found their break through on Social media.some people use it to find information,while some use it to see all the hilarious things that are posted.