It runs in the blood, Muvhango’s Vho Gizara’s brother is also an actor, meet Tshamano Sebe

The Sebe family has it in their blood. David Sebe, who plays Vho Gizara on Muvhango, has a brother who is also an actor and works in the entertainment business. He goes by the name Tshamano Sebe.

Tshamano Sebe is the real brother of Gizara Mukwevho, who plays Muvhango’s favorite madala on screen. You may have seen a face in Stokvel comedy that looks like vho Gizara’s face. That’s Tshamano. On stokvel, Tshamano played the part of Biza.






These brothers are from the village of Manenzhe in Niani, which is close to Musina, Limpopo. Some of their childhood was also spent in Soweto Diepkloof.

Tshamano said that his brother David gave him the idea to become an actor. The brothers went all over the world together. They did stage plays and other theater work to make money, and it worked out for them.

They will never forget the Soweto uprising because it helped them find out they were good actors. Tshamano Sebe has won many awards, such as the Golden Horn Award for best supporting actor on “Stokvel” in 2006 and another for “Of Good Report” in 2014.

Thandi Sebe and Naima Maleika Sebe are two of the three daughters that Tshamano has. They both direct and take pictures for movies. In general, the Sebe family is a family of artists and entertainers.