It ended in tears for polygamist Musa Mseleku| see what happen

Uthando Nes’ Thembu reality personality Musa Mseleku broke the stereotype that real men don’t cry.

The previous episode of Uthando Nes’thembu was about his surprise birthday party, which was started by his first wife MaCele and held in the lifestyle facility Magaqa of his fourth wife MaNgwabe in Adams. Looked shocked and confused at the start of the surprise party, and what his women said about him ended up crying uncontrollably.




The episode angry social media platforms and people applauded Mseleku for showing his emotional side. “I’m so happy that Mseleku cried on TV and helped break the stereotype that men don’t cry.

A man who is comfortable expressing his feelings fully is a real man, ”said Vumile. As Paballo wrote, “When you look at how overwhelmed Mseleku is with emotion, I now believe that even men who say they never want a birthday party really do.

They also want to be celebrated ”. Mandisa Wiso said: “Mseleku does not know how to receive love. It’s so out of its element. It is good that you made up your mind to celebrate because you deserve to see how much your family loves you.Every man does. “