Is it over between Ratile Mabitsela and her husband?

The Mommy Club reality TV star and former Miss Tembisa 2013, Ratile Mabitsela is said to have mended things with her husband, Lehlogonolo Mabitsela, and they are no longer filing for divorce.COMPLICATED

In recent reports, the reality TV star separated briefly from her businessman husband following an alleged domestic abuse matter between the couple and her mother-in-law. When the incident was still fresh, Ratile told ZiMoja she was not in a good place to talk about her marriage but she was not doing great and that she would be okay.BACK TOGETHER


A confidant of the mom of five has revealed that Ratile and Lehlogonolo are working on their marriage and have rekindled their love. “They have gotten back together and they are trying to work through everything that’s happened,” the friend said. “Marriage is not easy. You can’t just walk away from something you have taken years to build and just throw in the towel, especially when you have children and many people depending on you. So, they are taking baby steps to try and resolve issues.” RESOLUTION

Since then, families have met and are resolving issues. “Ratile is a strong woman, and she won’t let gossip break her family,” the confidante added. The last episode of season four of The Mommy Club ended with Ratile being confronted about some of the issues in her household including firing and rehiring her nanny. When asked about whether she and hubby had rekindled things, Ratile was not yet ready to open up. “I am just dealing with some grief. I lost my grandmother recently and I just want to focus my energy on the funeral arrangements. But my family is doing okay?”