Is Durban Gen actress Nondumiso Jozana’s Nurse Shweni’s husband Siqu Zungu a criminal?

Nurse Shweni has been serving us serious goals when it comes to fashion since she debuted her role in Durban Gen. However, after her business empire and luxurious lifestyle were revealed, it turned out that in real life. This was all thanks to her husband, who spoils her rotten, and the actress did not reveal who he was; most people knew she was Mrs. Zungu, but his first name was kept a secret.




Today entertainment blogger Musa Khawula took to his Twitter page to share the identity of Nondumiso Jozana’s husband. According to him, the husband’s name is Siqu Zungu, a well-known rich man in Durban primarily for his businesses and wealth. The two have been married for several years now and live in a mansion with an expensive fleet of cars.

Siqu Zungu doing charity

Siqu Zungu is always in the news as he is always making headlines whenever he gives to the poor. Since 2014 he has been well known for giving back to his community and other areas around South Africa. He is a well-known tenderpreneur who has been granted many tenders by the government. With the tenders, he built a vast business empire to create employment and make more money.

Is Nondumiso Jozana’s husband Siqu Zungu a criminal?

Nondumiso Jozana

The word on the street is that Mr. Zungu is a criminal. He is said to apply for tenders and use the funds in the wrong way. It is not clear if this businessman is dodgy as he has not been arrested for any illegal business dealings in the past. However, this has not stopped Tweeps from running their mouths and claiming that his business is shady and dodgy.

Some tweeps have claimed that the Durban Gen actress has taken notes from Buhle Samuels, who is rumored to have married a gangster. However, others say Nondumiso was married years before the other actress was, and her husband is not flashy on social media.