interesting facts about former Generations the Legacy actress Zoe Mthiyane

Zoe Mthiyane is a South African actress who is famous for her role “Zitha”in one of Mzansi’s well known soapies, Generations the Legacy. With over 14 years experience in the entertainment industry, Zoe has gained numerous followers because of her great acting skills.







Here are 5 things you probably don’t know about the actress:

1. Zoe grew up in a polygamous family

Zoe Mthiyane’s late father had five wives and her mother Clara was the youngest wife. Her big polygamous family consisted of many children. Her mother had six children with her father, which consisted of four boys and two girls. For Zoe, growing up in a polygamous family was normal and fun.

2. She attended boarding school throughout her primary and secondary years.

Around five years old, Zoe was sent to boarding school. She was sent to Little flower primary and high school in Ixopo, together with her siblings.

3. Zoe started off her career as a model

Because of the challenge of growing up being the tallest girl amongst her peers, her mother helped her gain her confidence by entering beauty pageants. Her mother was also a beauty pageant and she won a beauty contest in 1973. She then made Zoe walk in heels so she could regain self confidence in herself.

4. She is a mother of two

The lovely actress is a proud mother to two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl. She had her first born Awande who’s currently 10 years old, with sports presenter Robert Marawa. Her beautiful daughter Lulonke age 6 is fathered by Lebo M.