Inside The Wedding Of Mamkhize’s Son Andile

How priceless it is to finally get the person whom your heart desires to build family with and create memories. Experiencing love is really beautiful and we need more love stories to encourage people to fall in love. South Africans are still in disbelief as they come into terms that Andile Mpisane is now a married man. Andile is the son of the well known multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize famously known as Mamkhize. The twenty years old is a young successful businessmsn who is really working so hard to create an empire for him and his family.








He is the youngest PSL president and chairperson for one of the most top perfoming soccer clubs Royal AM. He is also a musician who has gained a big fan base in the country with over thousands of followers on his social media platforms. He proved to the masses that being young does not limit him to climb the ladder and become successful. Imagine at the age of twenty he is already a Multi-Millionaire.He has again left people in disbelief yesterday as he just got married to the love of his life but not his baby mother as people had thought. He has tied a knot with another woman known as Tamia Mpisane on instagram.

It’s a to many people as his wife is five years older than him. He is currently twenty years old and his wife is twety five. It proved to the world that love has nothing to do with age. People have been sending messages of congratulations and wishing the newly couple a happy ending in their union. His wedding was attended by hundreds of people to witness their union. Meanwhile people are celebrating people spotted something on videos that have circulating on social media.

People were left in disbelief after they noticed that he bought his new wife a new Range Rover worth millions. He wants his wife to drive herself wherever she goes. Buying her a new car worth millions is a symbol of love to her and that is absolutely beautiful. However people also noticed that he was not really happy on his day. His facial expression left people with so many questions as they are wondering why he could look so unhappy on his big day. Share your views with us and follow for more news.