Innocent Masuku: Bobo from Yizo Yizo, where is he now?

Celebrated actor Innocent Masuku is trending in the backdrop of his now-viral video, leaving many trying to connect the dots about his whereabouts.


However, little is known about when the now-viral video was taken. The video has undoubtedly gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.With an illustrious career spanning years, the bubbly actor was one of Mzansi’s most sought-after on-screen darlings, but everything went south. Innocent Masuku wowed many with his on-screen character of Bobo on the hit series ‘Yizo Yizo.’

Fame and drug addiction took a toll on his career, and the actor once confirmed that he was down and out. Despite being off the hook for years, he hogged headlines in 2022 when he resurfaced online thanks to EFF’s Youth Month campaign against drug abuse and addiction.

He opened up about his woes and his fall from grace. Innocent Masuku also had the opportunity to share his woes on ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG.’

Against these interviews, Innocent Masuku returned to the spotlight with a series of TV campaigns against drug abuse and addiction. However, in the backdrop of his newfound fame, he disappeared again from the spotlight again.He hasn’t been active on social media, and his last posts date back to early 2023. Innocent has yet to make any big public appearance since 2022. Earlier this week, he set social media abuzz with his trending video.

Rumour mill had it that he was considering rehab and was working on bouncing back to small screens. Despite the rumours, Mzansi has yet to connect the dots about Innocent Masuku’s whereabouts. Against the trends, Innocent Masuku has yet to address the daring videos making rounds on the internet.

Over the years, Innocent Masuku has starred in several drama series, which include:

Zone 14
Rhythm City
Soul City
The Road
uBettina Wethu
Yizo Yizo