Inno Morolong has apologised to Lerato Kganyago after making fun for her miscarriage.

Inno Morolong has apologised to Lerato Kganyago after making fun for her miscarriage.
This comes after she said about Lerato “It’s not our problem, she has a loudmouth, and she disrespects people. You see how God is punishing her. She is infertile,” she said.Reality TV star and social media influencer Inno Morolong was called out on social media for her insensitive comments about Lerato Kganyago’s miscarriage.





On Thursday, Lerato shared that she is dealing with the pain of losing her baby on 12 February, and is struggling to come to terms with her loss because it’s not her first miscarriage.

Following Lerato’s heartbreaking news, Inno went live on Instagram making comments and being judgemental about why “God is punishing” the radio personality.

Inno felt that Lerato deserved to go through her miscarriage because she’s always showing off her material possessions, and this is why God was not granting her the one thing money can’t buy, a baby.

“If she had a miscarriage how is it our problem? The problem is she has a loud mouth and she disrespects people and this is what happens.

It’s life, it’s how it is, God will show you. God is like that, let’s say you’re Lerato Kganyago you are there showing people how posh you are, how many cars you’re driving then you try to have kids, what happens?”

Inno’s insensitivity to Lerato during her painful loss was not taken lightly on social media however, and a number of users called her out for rejoicing at another woman’s pain.

This prompted Inno to issue an apology to Lerato which did not seem genuine to most.

“Lerato Kganyago I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. It was very distasteful of me to say such horrible things about you. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

Sending you love and light sis.”

On Friday, 23 February Lerato shared that she didn’t want to make news of her miscarriage public, however she was forced to after someone decided to leak the news to media.