‘I loved my wife’: Award-winning gospel singer Sechaba Pali, who lost his wife, Nompilo Shabangu in September is not coping.

The gospel singer Sechaba Pali admitted to Zimoja that life has not been the same since he lost his wife, Nompilo Shabangu in a car accident.

“No one understands my pain I am going through. I loved my wife…she was my everything and my life is empty without her,” he said.


A source close to the musician tells the publication that they are worried about him and that life has not been the same for him after he lost his wife,

“We are all worried about him, we trying to get him professional help,” the source added.

Pali also admits to drinking in a TikTok video: “You took my wife; I left you alone. You took my father; I left you alone. You took my kids; I left you alone. You see now I’m drunk… God is coming for you”.

NewsOclock reports that Sechaba’s wife lost control of the car while attempting to overtake a taxi.

DipuoPeters1: “May God bless, carry @SechabaPali and give him his much-needed breakthrough; emotional healing. Morena o tseba mathata a rona, O tseba le se re se tlhoka (God knows our problems and knows what we need).”

@sirboring_26: “Depression destroys your faith before it consumes you. It’s hard to rebuild and you need to unleash the emotions. You can’t suppress them as this part of the healing. It doesn’t make the pain less.”

@BernieRamsamy: “I pray for God’s strength to be with him always. In the Mighty Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.”

@vanDerSpike: “What a sad story. Ow guys the guilt he must be going through. I am so sorry My Brother. May her soul rest in peace. Hade Grootman.”