“I had no business paying R22 000 per month for a car” Teko Modise Opens Up About His Mistakes

South African football legend Teko Modise is currently living his best life as a Supersport football pundit, but things could have been different for him if he didn’t change his bad financial habits during his time as a player, and the former Bafana Bafana star has opened about the terrible financial decisions that he made during the climax of his playing career after he almost went broke due to his spending habits.




The former Bafana Bafana has opened up about how he changed his spending habits and lifestyle in order to save money and prevent himself from going broke, he also admitted that he made a bad decision when he decided to get himself an Aston Martin car that cost his R22 000 per month during his time as an Orlando Pirates player…

“I had no business buying a car that cost me R22 000 a month, but the best education is experience, I downgraded my lifestyle, and by that, I mean I scaled down on what I was spending, i got a smaller apartment, and I sold three of the four cars” – Said the former Orlando Pirates star.