I Admired The Way Shebeshxt Was In Love With His Daughter,” Kabza De Small wrote. “RIP, our daughter…

In a touching message shared on social media, Kabza De Small reflected on the profound bond Shebeshxt shared with his daughter. “I admired the way Shebeshxt was in love with his daughter,” Kabza De Small wrote. “May her soul rest in eternal peace. Let Shebeshxt heal.”Kabza De Small revealed that he had recently met with Shebeshxt in Johannesburg to discuss a potential collaboration. “I spoke to Shebeshxt last month, and we were both excited about working together. His daughter was also there when we met. It’s very unfortunate that this has happened,” he shared.






The music community has rallied around Shebeshxt, offering support and prayers during this difficult time. Fans and fellow artists have flooded social media with messages of sympathy and encouragement, highlighting the tight-knit nature of the South African music scene.Shebeshxt, known for his unique sound and powerful lyrics, has touched many lives with his music. The loss of his daughter and the severe injuries he sustained have been a devastating blow, but the outpouring of love and support from his peers and fans may provide some comfort as he begins his journey of healing.

Kabza De Small’s message underscores the deep respect and admiration he holds for Shebeshxt, not just as an artist but as a devoted father. The potential collaboration between the two artists is now overshadowed by this tragedy, but the sentiments shared by Kabza De Small resonate with many who have followed Shebeshxt’s career.

As the music world mourns this heartbreaking loss, there is a collective hope for Shebeshxt’s recovery and eventual return to the stage. For now, the priority is his healing, both physically and emotionally, as he navigates life after such a profound personal loss.