Hulisani Raveles celebrates her 35th birthday with a sassy photoshoot

n life it is important to do what makes you happy at all times. It might be a small or big thing, as long as it makes you happy. The thing with life is that it only comes once, there’s no do over or a

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated at all times. It is the same of life being added to us. Hulisani Ravele is a former child star turned radio and television presenter. She’s been in the industry for many years now. The star is currently on 947 FM, where she is blessed us with her voice.



She’s celebrating her 35th birthday. Just like all her birthdays, she went out with her bestfriend. She wanted to wake up to a beautiful view and she got it. She shared a beautiful picture of herself at a photoshoot looking all sorts of beautiful. We are finding it hard to believe that she’s indeed 35 with how beautiful she looks.