HouseOfZwide : Zola reveals himself to Zanele, but she freaks out and asks him to leave her alone. Will Zanele forgive him?

Coming up on #HouseofZwide this February 2024:
Thursday 1 February 2024
Episode 144
Isaac and Rea look into getting treatment from a private hospital, but agree not to tell the children why she isn’t receiving treatment. Neo’s people agree to build Ona’s set within her budget.
Friday 2 February 2024
Episode 145


Funani confronts Nkosi and tells him to immediately cut ties with Kopano. Nkosi corners Kopano who finally reveals this was all revenge for what Nkosi did to him in high school.
Monday 5 February 2024
Episode 146
When Kopano refuses to give back the DTI money, Nkosi admits to Shoki that he used his father’s funds to fund Kopano’s fake deal. Nkosi finally tells his father that he lost the DTI money.
Tuesday 6 February 2024
Episode 147
Kopano tells Shoki that one day she’ll see Nkosi for the monster he is. Funani and Benjamin visit Nandipha in prison demanding to know where Kopano went, but she doesn’t reveal anything.
Wednesday 7 February 2024
Episode 148
Nkosi rocks up at the flat after being kicked out by Funani. While Funani reveals that he’ll never forgive Nkosi for endangering the fortunes of HOZ and the welfare of the Zwide family.
Thursday 8 February 2024
Episode 149
Bra Zakes arrives on the scene with suspicious timing and claims he can recover the dresses for a fee. Ona keeps the theft a secret from the family until she comes up with a plan.
Friday 9 February 2024
Episode 150
Shoki interrupts Funani as he tries to evict Nkosi from the apartment. Maria tells Bra Zakes she knows he took the dresses and pretends to hate Ona to find out where the dresses are hidden.
Monday 12 February 2024
Episode 151
Rea encourages Funani to let go of all beefs on Ona’s behalf, he then shows up to help with the HOZ staff and professional models and Ona manages to pull off an epic fashion show.
Tuesday 13 February 2024
Episode 152
Funani reluctantly agrees for Faith to talk to Nkosi about crooking the books. Faith tells Nkosi that covering up with the auditors will help him get back into Funani’s good graces.
Wednesday 14 February 2024
Episode 153
Funani tells the Zwide employees that they’re going on half salaries and that Nkosi no longer works there. The Zwide staff are left wondering where the DTI money went.
Thursday 15 February 2024
Episode 154
While getting hot and heavy in his car, Neo tells Ona that he wants to sleep with her, but he wants it to be special. The Zwide employees struggle with the news that their salaries have been cut.
Friday 16 February 2024
Episode 155
Molefe realises that having his salary cut means he won’t be able to provide adequately for Dorothy and the baby. Meanwhile Rea puts on a strong front with her family.
Monday 19 February 2024
Episode 156
Funani comforts an emotional Rea and encourages her to open up to her family. Isaac and Rea end up having a genuine conversation and she realises how much he’s also struggling.
Tuesday 20 February 2024
Episode 157
Ona lies about why she didn’t go out the night before, but Rea picks up on it. She later asks Ona what’s bothering her and Ona decides to level with her mom about her plans with Neo.
Wednesday 21 February 2024
Episode 158
Molefe campaigns to Rea to run the salon, while Maria campaigns to Isaac, but Rea decides they need to work together and will both manage it. Neo admits to Ona that he loves her.
Thursday 22 February 2024
Episode 159
After the audit, the Zwide’s realise it could all come crashing down, until Faith meets the owner of the firm and realises it’s an old friend and there’s clearly a connection.
Friday 23 February 2023
Episode 160
Neo sleeps with his side chick, Fikile, and Ona calls him while he’s still with Fikile and calls him her perfect boyfriend. Rea goes for an assessment to determine how well the treatment is going.
Monday 26 February 2024
Episode 161
Rea appears to be recovering well and has warm moments with Keletso and Ona before tragedy strikes as the cancer claims her life, leaving the Molapo’s devastated.
Tuesday 27 February 2024
Episode 162
Everyone heads to the Molapo’s to offer their condolences, while Faith is left to deal with a crisis at Zwide. She is also unhappy with the extent that Funani seems to be mourning Rea.
Wednesday 28 February 2024
Episode 163
Zola reveals himself to Zanele, but she freaks out and asks him to leave her alone. With Funani pre-occupied, Faith pleads in vain with Nandipha for the return of the Zwide millions.
Thursday 29 February 2024
Episode 164
Faith tells Loyiso the truth about the missing money from the Zwide account and he offers to give them time to replace it before doing his audit. While Molefe comforts a grieving Isaac.
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