House of Zwide, Faith finally tells the truth.

We have a lot of great telenovela’s that Olay every week and we always make sure that we watch them all the time as they are the ones that are keeping up entertained.


House of Zwide is definitely one of those soapies and it is currently on the second second season and it is bringing nothing but a lot of suspense and drama as well.

People have been waiting for so long for Funane to finally find the truth about his long lost daughter and towards the end of season one that is when the whole truth was aired.

Now Faith is facing charges and she is also being hunted by Funane’s late wife even in day light and we are happy to see that finally the whole truth will be said.

Funani’s late wife is hunting and making sure that Faith tells the truth to the whole family.

On this week’s episode Faith will tell the truth because she is so desperate to make Funane’s late wife’s ghost to stop hunting her.